Computer based FFT Analyzer EZ Analyzer

EZ Analyzer is a personal computer-based FFT analyzer.
The analysis software has the function of oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer, and the frequency characteristic of electric signals is analyzed.

The signal is input to the computer through this EZ Analyzer, and analyzed by the analysis software.
This system has 2 inputs, and comparison of the two signals is possible.
This system consists of EZ Analyzer, the analysis software and the connection cable.


  1. Easy operation
  2. Small size for personal use
  3. Window functions are installed.
  4. Enlargement of scale
  5. Cursor function
  6. Printing display function

Setup display

Setup display


Input analog voltage to BNC connectors、and connect USB output on the rear panel to a computer.



Input voltage range
+/- 10V
Number of channels
Frequency range
0 - 125 KHz (CH1 & 2 simultaneous measurement)
Demanded computer spec.
Windows 10 or 11
CPU : Core i3 or more
Memory : 4 GB or more
Resolution : over 1024 x 768
A/D converter
12 bit

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