Fiber Optic Laser Blood Flowmeter OMEGAFLO

Price List


Instrument(single channel)

Model Type Price (US$) Components
Non-contact modelFLO-N1$17,500Measurement without contacting a probe on tissue.
Red pointer laser is installed.
Contact probes can be used with.
Contact modelFLO-C1$9,170Conventional laser blood flowmeter
Fast blood flow modelFLO-C1 BV$12,500For faster blood flow (5 times of FLO-C1)
Fast response (10 times of FLO-C1)
Microscope modelFLO-C1 EL$12,500External laser unit

Instrument (Twin model)

Non-contact modelFLO-N1 TWIN$35,000Same two instrumnets are united.
Contact modelFLO-C1 TWIN$18,330Same two instrumnets are united.
Fast blood flow modelFLO-C1 BV TWIN$25,000Same two instrumnets are united.


Model Type Price (US$) Components


Standard probe ST-N$2,500General probe for non-contatc measurement
Wide area can be measured. φ3, L30
Collimate probeCS-N$2,970Incident laser is collimated.
Small area is measured. Φ3, L30
Angle probeAN-N$2,97045 deg angle shape
Prism probePS-N$2,970Prism on the tip. Virtical incidence φ3, L30
Disk shape probe DS-N$2,970Prism on the tip. φ10


Disk probeDS$1,670Prism on the tip. φ10
Tablet probeTS$2,500Prism on the tip.
Needle probeNS$1,670φ1, L40
Needle slim probeNX(0.55-40)$2,080φ0.55, L40
EZ probeEZ$1,000φ0.5 x 2 bare fibers. Flexible, Cut and reused.
EZ fine probeEZ Fine$1,080φ0.25 x 2 bare fibers. Flexible, Cut and reused.
Fiber joint probe GJ$1,080Connected to Joint Fiber, JF1, with a small connector.
Endoscope probeES$2,500φ1.6, L2000, Teflon tube
Joint probeJS$2,500φ0.55, L40 For guide cannula
Fiber sheath probeFS$2,080φ1.6, For fiber sheath
Operation probeOS$1,670φ3, L40
Angle probeAS$1,67045 deg angle shape
Multi fiber probeML$2,790Multi distance between incidence and receiving
4 distances can be selected.

Tools and Accessories

Model Type Price (US$) Components
Fiber stripperFS-01$167Foe stripping the coating of optical fiber.
For EZ, EZ Fine & JF1
Fiber cutterFC-01$250For cutting optical fiber.
For EZ, EZ Fine & JF1
Balance armFLO-B$830For following the movement of tissue.
Standard signal cableK-FMV$125For analog outputs of FLO series.FLOW, MASS & VEL.
Signal cable for FLO-LabL-F1$83Foe analog output of FLO-Lab. FLOW
Conversion plugBANA-BNC$42Banana plug to BNC plug.

Expendable supplies

Model Type Price (US$) Components
Double face tape 8BF8$125Doughnut shape, OD :15, ID : 5, 300pcs/pk
For DS, TS & JF1
ReflectorM13$42φ13, t=0.6, 20pcs/pk, For EZ, EZ Fine & JF1
Joint fiberJF1$417Connected to GJ 0.25x2, 1m, 5pcs/pk
Fiber guideKM5$83For maintaining the distance between two optical fibers.
For EZ Fine & JF1
Guide cannula setGC SET$417Set of GC, GTN, GGB, GST & GDP.
Guide cannulaGC$208For EZ Fine & GJ, 10pcs/pk
Guide cannula screwGTN$83For EZ Fine & GJ, 10pcs/pk
StopperGST$42For EZ Fine & GJ, 20pcs/pk
Cannula Dummy probeGDP$83For EZ Fine & GJ, 10pcs/pk
Guide stickGGB$25For EZ Fine & GJ, 2pcs/pk
Single fiber setSS8$208Set of SF8, TN & DP, 5set/pk
Single fiberSF8$208For JS, 10pcs/pk
Single fiber screwTN$125For JS, 10pcs/pk
Single fiber dummy probeDP$83For JS, 10pcs/pk
Single fiber guideSG$25For JS, 3pcs/pk
S connectorSC$167For connecting Plastic optical fiber.
Plastic optical fiberPF$250φ0.5mm, L20m
Fiber sheathFT$177For FS, OD : 2mm, ID : 1mm, 20pcs/pk
Sheath guideTG$25For FS, 3 pcs/pk

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