Computer-based Laser Blood Flowmeter OMEGAFLO-Lab

The brand new laser tissue blood flowmeter, OMEGAFLO-Lab, FLO-Lab, operates blood flow value not in the hardware like the FLO-C1, but in the computer software.

The detection frequency range after opt-electric converter is 120 KHz and it is about 5 times of that of the FLO-C1, and the operating frequency range can be set from 5 KHz to 120 KHz. Therefore, the OMEGAFLO-Lab can be used for both slow speed blood flow and fast speed blood flow.
The characteristic of the raw signal after the opt-electric converter can be seen by FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) on the computer display, and the frequency range for operating blood flow value can be set by confirming the frequency characteristic of the blood flow under study. The OMEGAFLO-Lab uses a laser diode having the wavelength hardly affected by the difference of absorption due to the oxy ?? deoxy condition of erythrocytes. The measurement depth is about 1 mm from tissue surface.
The OMEGAFLO-Lab is used for measuring brain, skin, internal organs by using conventional optical fiber probes.
The OMEGAFLO-Lab operates blood flow value, and also display and saving data simultaneously. Therefore, additional data acquisition is not needed.
The 2ch-FLO-Lab is used for blood flow comparisom between in normal position and in region of interest.
The new software , FMV version, showing blood flow(FLOW), blood volume (MASS) and blood flw velocity(VEL.) can be installed.


  1. Frequency characteristic of blood flow can be confirmed by FFT.
  2. Operating frequency range can be set according to the velocity of blood flow.
  3. Narrowing the operation frequency range reduces the noise in high frequency for measuring slow speed blood flow.
  4. Avoiding underestimation of fast speed blood flow
  5. Measurement parameters can be set on the Setup function.
  6. Data is saved as Excel file.
  7. Auto zero null function calculated from the frequency range and the detected light intensity
  8. Analog voltage of FLOW is output from the rear panel.
  9. The 2ch-FLO-Lab can be set the frequencyrange separately.
  10. The new software showing the 3 hemodynamics parameters, FLOW, MASS, VEL., can be installed.

Display on computer

Display on computer

FFT frequency characteristics of forearm skin and finger skin

The frequency range of the forearm skin is under 20 KHz, but that of the finger skin is about 100 KHz.
Operating frequency range can be set after confirming the frequency characteristics.

  • (A) Forearm skin(A) Forearm skin
  • (B) Finger skin(B) Finger skin



1. Standard version : Tissue blood flow (FLOW) 0 - 1000 (mL/min/100g corresponding)
2. FMV version : Tissue blood flow (FLOW) 0 - 1000 (mL/min/100g corresponding), Tissue blood volume (MASS) 0 - 2000, Blood velocity (VEL.) 0 - 100.0 (kHz)
Detection frequency range
0Hz - 120KHz
Operating frequency range
5KHz - 120KHz every 5KHz
Plot interval
0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10 sec
FLOW display time
10 - 600 sec
Analog output
1. Standard version : FLOW : 0 - 10V DC
2. FMV version : FLOW : 0 - 10V DC, or VEL. : 0 - 10V
Measurement area
inside about 1 mm circle
Measurement depth
about 0.5mm - 1mm (depends on tissue)


Computer-based signal processor
100-240VAC,50/60Hz、about 15W
about 380×40×250mm(W×H×D)
Windows 11
Intel Core or AMD Ryzen
over 8GB
Hard disk drive
over 500GB
DVD drive
Multi (internal or external)
A/D converter *
16 bit
Display size
15 inch
Lser unit box 1ch
Wavelength : 780nm, semiconductor laser, CLASS1
Optical connector
Fiber optic probe
100/140 μm、Silica GI
5V DC, 0.4A
about 155 × 58 × 202(W×H×D)
about 1kg
Lser unit box 2ch
Wavelength : 780nm, semiconductor laser, CLASS1
Optical connector
Fiber optic probe
100/140 μm、Silica GI
5V DC, 0.8A
about 257 × 70 × 322(W×H×D)
about 1.5kg

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